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All body parts do not come painted
but are primered and ready for paint.

The Back Woods Kit is a two piece fiberglass golf cart body kit that is designed to fit the Club Car, E-Z-GO or Yamaha chassis. (You must specify the chassis you will be mounting the kit on to.) This cart is designed to be a two 2 person cart while golfing or a 4 person cart when the removable bag holders are removed.

This body comes with a fully automotive type wiring harness with switches, flashers, combination switch, and provisions for two hot wires for a music system and cigarette lighter. The circuit is controlled with 6 individual fuses, set in a single automotive type fuse box. A twin set of wind tone horns are included.

The front cowl houses a storage box under the hood which is electrically operated by a switch that is located in the lockable glove box on the dash. All switches have aluminum labels including the forward reverse switch.

Lighting for the front cowl is provided by two dual filament lamps and has directional indicators and horn. The horns, lights, and indicators, are all controlled by a single stalk automotive type combination switch which is wired into the wiring harness.

The rear body has dual cluster type tail lights with running lights, brake lights, and directional indicator lights. Additional wires are provided to connect the brake switch and to power up your electrical system. PLEASE NOTE ALL IS WIRED FOR 12 VOLTS.

Plush, fully upholstered seats in Art Leather are provided with a bench type front seat and two individual back rests. A set of fully retractable seat belts are provided for both front seats. The Rear seats are bench type and each seat has a static type seat belt.

Rich, plush woolen carpets are provided with special rubber backing (for weather protection), are included for the front. Your kit comes with two removable golf bag holders with all necessary fittings. Simply remover the golf bag holders to make your cart a 4-passenger cart.

This kit is loaded with many accessories. To name a few: A lockable glove box, bottle holders, rearview mirrors, and a superbly designed variable-fold-down windshield, housed in a set of black powder coated steel frames. Additionally, the rear pipes have been lined over with vinyl to add that touch of realism.

The Back Woods Kit requires less than 9 hrs to have up and going. That includes the time for removing the old body, assembling the new body, mounting the body and adjusting all its features to meet your needs.

Back Woods EZGO Bracket

A special booklet-type instruction manual that is complete with photos, guides even the first time builder through all the stages of assembly. A complete hardware kit is included and ensures that no other fasteners or hardware is required. (To top it off, a set of tools are provided.)

THE VERY BEST PART: Prior to your receiving your kit, all body parts (and all items), have been pre-drilled and pre-fitted at the factory. To assemble all you have to do is to take off the original body pieces and bolt on our kit!

Complete Kit $3849.00


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